Commercial Kitchen Cleaning in Toronto, ONTARIO

Our highly trained staff can restore the dirtiest of kitchen equipment to near new condition. Using the latest in cleaning equipment and products as well as good old elbow grease, we have helped save companies thousands of dollars by being able to restore any and all equipment.

We provide certified commercial kitchen cleaning to ensure safety compliance and help you avoid any penalty during a health inspection. If you have been thinking about replacing your kitchen equipment because they look old and dirty, think again. Using industrial strength cleaning products, we can remove grease from the grouts, hood, drains and other surfaces that may have caught cooking fumes. As a result, even your 5-year-old equipment look brand new instantly.

Our experts sanitize all food contact surfaces using non-toxic products so that you can start using your kitchen right away.

Our kitchen detailing service targets those hard-to-reach corners which are often overlooked during regular cleaning.

How do we do it?

Using pressurized hot water and caustic degreasers, our kitchen equipment detailing service covers both cooking and non-cooking appliances. And to make the surface shine, we complete the job with detailed polish.

Impress your customers and health inspector with professionally detailed kitchen equipment while providing your staff with a clean, hygienic environment to work in.

Give us a call to schedule professional detailing service for your commercial kitchen in Toronto.

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