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First off, we don’t dust, we vacuum. Canadian Expert Cleaning is one of the only companies in Canada using a revolutionary high level hepa-filter vacuum. No dust is knocked into the air and without the use of costly scissor lifts, we can reach areas others cannot.

Our high-level dusting removes dirt, cobwebs and debris from difficult-to-access areas as well as obscure corners of your property. The edges of doors, windows and exposed ductwork facing the ceiling accumulate dirt over time, and they are often overlooked during regular cleaning. With a little agitation, these dust particles then become airborne and trigger an allergic reaction. This could be prevented with a regular high-level dusting service.
Benefits of high-level dusting

We perform high-level dusting in Toronto, Ontario, to help businesses maintain a clean, allergen-free facility where visitors and staff feel welcomed and safe. This also includes equipment detailing in commercial spaces to avoid any penalties during a health inspection.

Falling dirt and debris can affect your production lines, machinery and hence the quality of the product, especially if you run a food processing facility. Our high-level dusting service can help you avoid such disasters.

What does high-level dusting include?

Our high-level dusting service covers electrical conduit, equipment, platforms, enclosures, water lines, racks and shelves, fans & lighting fixtures, roof trusses, etc.

We have the resources and skills to clean properties of all shapes and sizes. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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