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Your restaurant is where your customers spend quality time savouring delicacies that you prepare with love and care. Therefore, it’s important to ensure a hygienic environment that makes them stay and keep returning for more experiences.

Canadian Expert Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services to help restaurant owners not only save time and hassles but also avoid embarrassment in front of customers.

We use advanced HEPA-filter vacuum that comes with an extended hose to remove dust from hard-to-reach areas. Plus, our steam cleaning methods leave your carpets and upholstery shining like brand new.

We can clean up early morning or late at night; all we make sure is your restaurant remains in great shape whenever you flip the ‘OPEN’ sign around.

Restaurant Cleaners Toronto

In some commercial facilities, cleaning jobs involve certain health and safety risks, which could be mitigated if the cleaners come equipped with the right gear. This is why, our restaurant cleaners show up in uniforms according to the type of cleaning project they undertake. For cleaning jobs that involve the use of chemicals or working at heights, we recommend our fully trained restaurant cleaners to ensure desired outcomes within the parameters of budget and safety.

Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Company in Toronto

Canadian Expert Cleaning has the tools combined with good-old elbow grease to clean even the busiest restaurants across Canada. We work round the clock and are always on standby to assist you with your after-hours cleaning needs.
Get in touch with us. We’d be pleased to assist you at any hour of the clock.

High Level Dusting

First off, we don’t dust, we vacuum. Canadian Expert Cleaning is one of the only companies in Canada using a revolutionary high level hepa-filter vacuum. No dust is knocked into the air and without the use of costly scissor lifts, we can reach areas others cannot.

Our high-level dusting removes dirt, cobwebs and debris from difficult-to-access areas as well as obscure corners of your property. The edges of doors, windows and exposed ductwork facing the ceiling accumulate dirt over time, and they are often overlooked during regular cleaning. With a little agitation, these dust particles then become airborne and trigger an allergic reaction. This could be prevented with a regular high-level dusting service.
Benefits of high-level dusting

We perform high-level dusting in Toronto, Ontario, to help businesses maintain a clean, allergen-free facility where visitors and staff feel welcomed and safe. This also includes equipment detailing in commercial spaces to avoid any penalties during a health inspection.

Falling dirt and debris can affect your production lines, machinery and hence the quality of the product, especially if you run a food processing facility. Our high-level dusting service can help you avoid such disasters.

What does high-level dusting include?

Our high-level dusting service covers electrical conduit, equipment, platforms, enclosures, water lines, racks and shelves, fans & lighting fixtures, roof trusses, etc.

We have the resources and skills to clean properties of all shapes and sizes. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Scheduled Nightly Cleaning

Our Commercial Cleaning Company in Toronto has services ranging from once a month to 365 days a year of scheduled cleaning.
As you can see from the various industries we work in, we customize each clean to each specific client.

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Cleaning Professionals at Canadian Expert Cleaning offer Scheduled Nightly Cleaning Services to clients across Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Aurora, and Newmarket, ON.

Kitchen Equipment Detailing

Our highly trained staff can restore the dirtiest of kitchen equipment to near new condition. Using the latest in cleaning equipment and products as well as good old elbow grease, we have helped save companies thousands of dollars by being able to restore any and all equipment.

We provide certified commercial kitchen cleaning to ensure safety compliance and help you avoid any penalty during a health inspection. If you have been thinking about replacing your kitchen equipment because they look old and dirty, think again. Using industrial strength cleaning products, we can remove grease from the grouts, hood, drains and other surfaces that may have caught cooking fumes. As a result, even your 5-year-old equipment look brand new instantly.

Our experts sanitize all food contact surfaces using non-toxic products so that you can start using your kitchen right away.

Our kitchen detailing service targets those hard-to-reach corners which are often overlooked during regular cleaning.

How do we do it?

Using pressurized hot water and caustic degreasers, our kitchen equipment detailing service covers both cooking and non-cooking appliances. And to make the surface shine, we complete the job with detailed polish.

Impress your customers and health inspector with professionally detailed kitchen equipment while providing your staff with a clean, hygienic environment to work in.

Give us a call to schedule professional detailing service for your commercial kitchen in Toronto.

24/7 Cleaning

No matter how much you love your office space, when it comes to cleaning, we all end up curling our toes. Managing all the furniture. Taking care of all your belongings. Finding a place for everything else. And then cleaning it all up for long and tiring hours. Ugh! Even the thought of it is tiring.

But can we go on neglecting office cleaning? Certainly not! It’s one of the most crucial office care operations that you must attend to. And since the task when DIYed can be really daunting, it’s better to have professionals do it for you.

We at Canadian Expert Cleaning provide 24/7 all-round cleaning services in Toronto, Ontario. So, whether you want to clean up your floors, carpets, old equipment or all of it, we at Canadian Expert Cleaning have your back.

All you need to do is give us a call and we’ll fix you a sweet deal.

Restaurant Deep Cleaning

Canadian Expert Cleaning provides edge-to-edge restaurant cleaning service to ensure a hygienic, welcoming environment for your visitors and staff alike. Because half measures often lead to poor results, our experts pay attention to every minute detail and leave no corner unattended when it comes to deep cleaning services in Toronto.

While cleanliness is vital to every hospitality business, its significance doubles when food is involved. That being said, maintaining your kitchen and the rest of the dining area in super-clean condition becomes a necessity. But doing that on a regular basis can take a toll on you.

Why not let our experts take care of it so that you can focus on what you do best?

Deep Cleaning for Toronto Commercial Property

If your commercial property receives heavy foot traffic every day, it is likely to get dirty by the evening. And in case you don’t always get a chance to clean up before shutting off the lights, the dirt is going to accumulate over time.

This is where frequent deep cleaning can keep your commercial property in good shape despite the daily use. Deep cleaning involves cleaning every nook and corner of your property to restore its novelty.

Owing to our commitment to maximum customer satisfaction, we deliver deep cleaning services that are second to none.

Quality Deep Cleaning Services at Affordable Price

Quality deep cleaning in Toronto shouldn’t cost you a fortune.

Canadian Expert Cleaning handles over 100 accounts across Canada, and due to our bulk servicing capacity, we don’t have to wring our clients for profits. As a result, all our customers enjoy professional deep cleaning services at an affordable price.

Give us a call today to schedule a deep clean at a time that suits you.

Steam Cleaning

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

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Cleaning Professionals at Canadian Expert Cleaning offer Commercial Floor Cleaning services to clients across Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Aurora, and Newmarket, ON.

Carpet Steam & Shampoo

Along with floors, walls, ceilings and everything else in your house, your carpets also get dirty. Layers of dust accumulate over time. This turns your carpets into sheets carrying hundreds and thousands of disease causing bacteria putting your family’s health at risk.

We at Canadian Expert Cleaning provide professional carpet steam and shampoo cleaning services across Toronto.

No matter how dirty your carpets are and for how long they haven’t seen the face of water, our team of experts knows how to clean them for you so they feel like new.

If you can’t wait for your carpets to be as clean as they were when you bought them. And if you can’t wait to let your kids play on them without having to care all the time, call us now and we’ll fix you a sweet deal.

Pressure Washing

Have your property’s exteriors accumulated moss, grime or dirt that’s glaringly visible from distance? Don’t let any of that sabotage your business’ public image. Contact Canadian Expert Cleaning for pressure washing services in Toronto, Ontario, to revive the long-lost curb appeal instantly.

We use truck-mounted pressure washers, which are powerful enough to blast away stains, grime, moss and mildew from any surface. With variable pressure setting, we can handle jobs that include delicate surfaces as well.

A driveway that has not been cleaned in months becomes a breeding ground for moss, which makes the concrete surface more slippery, causing a safety hazard.
Canadian Expert Cleaning can put an end to all this with professional pressure washing services in Toronto, Ontario. Not only driveways, but we also pressure wash other concrete surfaces, such as roofs, exterior walls, patio and outdoor furniture.

Give us a call to book an appointment.

Professional Floor Care

While you might have been DIYing your floor cleaning chores by now, for taking away every single grain of dirt out of your house, you’ll need a professional floor cleaning service.

And we at Canadian Expert Cleaning can do that for you. From cleaning your floors to cleaning your ceilings, we handle it all like the professionals that we are.

With an experience of over a decade cleaning house floors, walls, roofs, carpets etc, we are confident in our services. This is what has earned us a trustworthy stature among our clients as they can rely on us for a 100% satisfactory floor cleaning service in Toronto, Ontario.

Our references can tell you that we are one of the best in the industry when it comes to floor care. We do VCT Buff/Burnish as well as Strip & Wax, Stone & Marble Care, Wood Floor Cleaning/Refinishing/Restoration, Concrete Polishing, Tile & Grout Cleaning, Machine Scrubbing & Auto Scrubbing. As cutting edge as technology gets though, we still understand the perfect mixture of cleaning product and elbow grease in order to get the job done. Let us show you just how good your floors can look when taken care of by floor care professionals.

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Cleaning Professionals at Canadian Expert Cleaning offer Commercial Floor Cleaning services to clients across Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Milton, Aurora, and Newmarket, ON.

If you too want your floors to shine bright and clean, get in touch with us today and we’ll make sure you fall in love with your floors; once again.